Dear Athletes, Coaches, and Parents,

I am very excited to inform all of you about a completely free and amazing opportunity to learn from one of the top minds in leadership development! Currently, I am pursuing my masters at Harvard University and taking a class that is offered through their Graduate School of Education and Extension School. My professor for the class, Dr. Robert Kegan (bio copied below), is a leading researcher in adult learning and professional development. He has an endowed chair at Harvard and he is highly respected in the business world for his leadership development research and training. 
Dr. Kegan's latest book and training that he is offering people, "The Immunity to Change," was touted at number for Oprah's Top Ten Things You Should Do to Start the New Year Right in 2011! This process has been used extensively in leadership development and organizational change with great success with major corporations and high-profile CEOs. This training teaches people how to create the big changes that they sincerely want to make in their lives, but have been unable to do so. 
Kegan and his colleague, Lisa Lahey, are offering the "Unlocking the Immunity to Change: A New Approach to Personal Improvement," starting March 11, free of charge to anyone in the world. There are currently over 50,000 people signed up for the course! I am going through an abbreviated version of the workshop right now and I am benefiting from it greatly. I’m confident that this course could make a dramatic impact on your life too!
The main reason that I am bringing this to all of you is I believe that this transformational learning tool could be highly beneficial for athletes, coaches, and parents within their experience of sports and in their everyday lives. This is really what I am passionate about doing in life—I want to use sports as a container to support athletes, coaches, and parents in their growth and development. This course will be impactful for anyone at any age to make a beneficial change in their lives. I would love to take this course with some of you, get some feedback on how it went for you, and learn how you feel the work could apply to your life within athletics.
There are an infinite number of reasons for us to take this course! Athletes—maybe you want to learn to have more self-discipline, or motivation to practice more on your own, or confidence that you can make a clutch play, or learn to be a better teammate. Coaches—maybe you want to be a better leader for your players, or a better communicator with your parents, or be more organized, or stop yelling at referees. Parents—maybe you want to stop putting pressure on your child to succeed, or want to have more fun watching your child play, or get along with the other parents better, or be more supportive for your child’s passions and goals. Whatever the big change is that you want to make, whether it is related to sports or not, this workshop will show you how to do it.
Are you in for this awesome experience? If so, please follow the instructions below:
1. Optional online survey - support my educational exploration of how this type of work done by by Kegan and Lahey (2004) might apply those of us who are highly involved the sports world as athletes, coaches, and parents (all of your information will remain confidential and not be shared with anyone):


2. Online class registration - Sign up for the free online class here: 
3. Follow up survey - I will send you a quick follow up survey to see how this class benefitted you in your athletic experience and in your everyday life.
Many of us want to see athletics continue to evolve into a more well-rounded and educational experience for our youth. This is a great chance for us to learn from some top people in their fields and take what they have to teach us for our own lives and into our athletic community. Thank you for your support in this investigation and I look forward to hearing about your experience in this program!
Kind regards,


Robert Kegan

Robert Kegan is the William and Miriam Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  The recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards, his thirty years of research and writing on adult development have influenced the practice of leadership development, executive coaching, and change management throughout the world.

At Harvard alone, he is regularly asked to teach in executive development programs in the Schools of Business, Government, Education and Medicine. His seminal books include The Evolving Self, In Over Our Heads, The Way We Talk, and Immunity to Change, which is now available to 2.2 billion readers in their native language. One of twenty--among Harvard’s 2300 faculty--honored by the president of the university for his outstanding teaching, Bob has been on the faculty of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Conference, and had his work featured in such diverse periodicals as The Harvard Business Review, The New York Times Sunday Business Section  and Oprah Magazine.

This fall he was the only thought-leader in the world asked to speak at all three premier conferences devoted to executive development: the Harvard Coaching Conference, the International Leadership Association Conference, and the International Coaching Federation Conference.

For the past several years, Bob has served as a trusted advisor to CEOs in the private and public sectors in the US, South America, Europe, and Asia. His clients are among the most recognized and respected leaders in the world. A husband, father, and grandfather, he is also an avid poker player, an airplane pilot, and the unheralded inventor of the “Base Average,” a superior statistic for gauging offensive contribution in baseball.


Lisa Lahey

Lisa Lahey is Co-director of Minds At Work, a consulting firm serving businesses and institutions around the world, and faculty at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  

She teaches in executive development programs at Harvard University and Notre Dame, and she is regularly asked to present her work throughout the world, most recently in China, Kazakhstan, and New Zealand. Her seminal books, How The Way We Talk Can Change The Way We Work (2001), and Immunity to Change (2009) have been published in many languages. Lisa has been on the faculty of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Conference, and had her work featured in the Harvard Business Review, The New York Times Sunday Business Section, Oprah Magazine and Fast Company.

Lahey and long-time collaborator Robert Kegan are credited with a breakthrough discovery of a hidden dynamic, the “immunity to change,” which impedes personal and organizational transformation. Her work helps people to close the gap between their good intentions and behaviors. This work is now being used by executives, senior teams and individuals in business, governmental, and educational organizations in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia. Lahey and Kegan recently received the Gislason Award for exceptional contributions to organizational leadership, joining past recipients Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, and Edgar Schein.

For the past several years, Lisa has served as a trusted advisor and executive coach to leaders in the private and public sectors worldwide. A passionate pianist and hiker, she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband and two sons.