I found this short video that I have embedded below, which is based off of recordings of Alan Watts and illustrated by the guys from South Park, on one of my friend's Facebook walls. I guess that I could have shared it on my Facebook wall but it was too poignant for me not to put it up on this blog. It is the perfect illustration of what I am trying to explain through TIER to both young athletes and families. The only difference is that Watts uses music as an analogy for life instead of sports.

It's pretty simple to imagine it as being applicable to athletes or anyone else for that matter. When you are watching this video, think of the bundle on the stick that "they" hold out to contain trophies, wins, championships and awards. Also, at the end when he says, "It was a musical thing and you were supposed to dance or sing while the music was being played," imagine it saying, "It was an athletic thing and you were supposed to run and jump and cheer and have fun while the game was being played."

Playing sports, like everything in life, is about the journey and not the destination (as cliché as that may be, it is true). Sadly, so many of us are taught that winning (a destination) is the only thing that matters. One day you may wake up (like I did) after a whole lot of wins and realize you missed all the fun and all the lessons of just playing the game.