I am the absolute worst when it comes to shopping for the holidays. I am usually in the mall when they are closing every year. Fortunately, since I am in Costa Rica this year, there will be none of that! But, if you are a parent or friend of a lacrosse player and are like me looking for gifts this year, here are some of my ideas!

1. A bucket of balls.

This is something that every lacrosse player should have. Go get one of the big orange buckets at Home Depot and then go to a lacrosse store and fill it with balls.

Every lacrosse player should shoot with a bucket of balls so he can get enough repetitions in to make it worth while! Your goal when shooting should be to always hit the goal! If not, every time you are done shooting all the balls, you have to go fill the bucket…it's gonna be a long walk if you don't learn to be accurate!

2. A new stick with no pocket.

This is an idea from a blog I wrote a couple weeks ago called "Dear Santa...I Want A Stick With No Pocket". Youth players should learn to play with a stick with a shallow pocket if they want to be great down the road.

3. A women's stick.

This also comes from that blog that I just mentioned, but a women's stick is a great training tool for a player to throw against a wall with. We even have our players at DU use women's sticks occasionally. Awesome for learning how to have great stick work!

4. Lacrosse games on DVD.

I have written this on a number of blogs, but go to Amazon and buy some old NCAA playoff games. Watching great lacrosse is one of the best ways that you can become a great player!

5. USANA nutritional shakes, bars and vitamins.

Check out my nutritional store by clicking NUTRITION on the top navigation bar on this website and get fueled properly to be your best in lacrosse!

6. DU Lacrosse overnight camp.

Okay, so the last two are shameless self promotion. But seriously, what laxer wouldn't be psyched to come to Denver and learn from the Pioneers this summer?! Check out all the information at .

7. A gym membership or sessions with a personal trainer.

A lot of times when people ask me what their son can do to become a better lacrosse player, I tell them that they need to become a better athlete. Once athletes are around 14 years old, it's pretty safe for them to start lifting weights and working with a trainer. Hit the gym!

8. Subscription to Inside Lacrosse or Lacrosse Magazine.

The two best magazines in the game. Subscribe now to Inside Lacrosse or Lacrosse Magazine! Both do a great job providing information and growing the game.

9. Tickets to DU lacrosse games and the Mile High Classic.

It would be awesome to see ALL of our games sold out at DU this season. Last year, in the playoffs versus Villanova, the house was ROCKING and it was one of the most fun lacrosse games that I have ever been a part of. Let's make that happen every game this year! For more information, go to the link below :

Also, Inside Lacrosse is hosting the Mile High Classic at Sports Authority Field in Denver, CO this year, where we are taking on Duke and Virginia is playing Penn. It should be an awesome night of lacrosse on April 27! More information is on the link below :

10. And last, but not least : go outside and have a catch with your son or friend.

Even if you have never picked up a stick a day in your life…go play the sport outside with your son or friend. It will mean more to him than any other gift that you could buy for him.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!